Small Business Case Study: My Itchy Dog

In 2009, Kate Bendix, a BBC producer specialising in food and science-based programmes, set up My Itchy Dog to sell effective remedies, healthy treats, and supplements to pet owners like herself whose pets were tormented by skin conditions.  After all, dogs can have allergies too and when they do they scratch, bite, and claw at their itchy skin, making themselves – and their frustrated owners – miserable. Continue reading

Small Business Case Study: Anstu Media

Ian Cash started with an idea; to build a successful photography and video production business. Ian started in the media industry more than 33 years ago, and built a wealth of experience in his field working with blue chip organisations like the BBC and ITV. Nowadays, Anstu Media, the company he built, boasts of offices in Lancashire and Leeds offering film making, photography, television production and videography services. Continue reading

Vonage Announces Extended International Calling and New Prices for Home Businesses

At Vonage we like to think that we’re always breaking new ground in terms of offering our customers the best low-cost call pricing across the globe.  That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that we’ve extended the number of countries included in our Talk World call plan to offer new customers unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brazil and Chile.  Continue reading

Remote working: The future of global business?

Remote working, teleworking or telecommuting: whatever you call it, it’s fast becoming a new workplace reality for a growing number of us. Nowadays ‘going to work’ doesn’t necessarily mean going to the office. Thanks to the internet, more flexible working hours, and our trusty smartphones, many of us can now get our work done from the comfort of our own home, the library, or even down at our local coffee shop. Continue reading