The Best Free International Calls Apps: The Future of Calling Abroad?

For too long, phone users have been hesitant to make long distance calls – ironically, even more so in the mobile phone age.  The technology that should make it easier than ever to talk to our loved ones, wherever they are in the world, has been hampered by roaming and international call charges. Tales of horrendous phone bills unwittingly racked up on holiday, the hassle of having to use international calling cards – isn’t it about time the mobile phone industry caught up with international phone users’ needs? Continue reading

Open All Hours: The Impact of Easy Global Communication on Small Businesses

Big or small, and whether you realise it or not, almost all business takes place on an global level now. Even the handmade craft products for sale in the shop just down the street from you might have been made from supplies sourced from another part of the country or halfway across globe. None of this would be possible without the benefits of easier, cheaper global communication in the business world. Continue reading

Small Business Case Study: My Itchy Dog

In 2009, Kate Bendix, a BBC producer specialising in food and science-based programmes, set up My Itchy Dog to sell effective remedies, healthy treats, and supplements to pet owners like herself whose pets were tormented by skin conditions.  After all, dogs can have allergies too and when they do they scratch, bite, and claw at their itchy skin, making themselves – and their frustrated owners – miserable. Continue reading